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Skinpossible uses the very best medical grade equipment


The world of medical-aesthetics is evolving quickly.
It’s amazing what can be done without surgery.

There are many different types of lasers used in medical aesthetics. There is the Diode, the Neodymium Yag, the Erbium Yag, the Alexandrite, CO2 lasers and others. There are other modalities as well. Intense Pulsed Light, radio-frequency, ultrasound, cryogenic devices and more.

This plethora of devices opens up a wonderful world of possibilities!

Within each category not all technology works equally well.  Thus, not all treatments can deliver comparable outcomes.  Results from any treatment can only be as good as the technology that delivers it combined, of course, the skill of the operator who performs it.

At Skinpossible we pride ourselves in offering only the very latest in breakthrough technologies.  All of our technology is tier-one within its class.  We have invested in only the best technology and when superior technology is developed, we re-invest to acquire it.  You can trust that the treatments you invest in at Skinpossible are the most effective treatments the industry has to offer.

We have it all!

If there was better technology out there... Trust me we would buy it! 





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