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Why Skinpossible? 12 Reasons!

Where technology and technique combine for optimal results!

Skinpossible is known for the quality of our technology, the variety of treatments we offer, our standard of care, the informative style of our marketing and the thorough honesty of our consultations. Our website and the pages of this magazine are all intended to educate the public about what is available within the medical aesthetics industry. Many who have found this free magazine in their mailbox were previously completely unaware that such treatments existed. Many have called us expressing delight at having learned what can be done. Some call with questions, including: 


What are the qualifications of your doctors?

We do not treat skin diseases at Skinpossible. We specialize in treatments for cosmetic purposes. Our physicians are medical doctors whom have been trained in lasers physics, laser safety and cosmetic injections. There are many precautions, contraindications and health factors that could affect your treatment results. Our doctors personally review intake forms to ensure your safety, assess the probability for efficacious results, and are well qualified to care for you in the event of any complication. 

What are the qualifications of your technicians?

Because Skinpossible has so many lasers and other modalities of technology, our technicians must possess above average training and education by a recognized laser school before being considered for employment. After joining our staff they are then fully certified by the clinical trainers for each individual piece of equipment they will operate, and their education is continuous. They specialize in the operation of lasers and proof of their credentials hang on the walls of our clinic. Most of our technicians are also medical aestheticians. 

What are the qualifications of your cosmetic injectors?

Asking about the experience of your injector is wise because injecting facial fillers and neuromodulators is not without risk. Becoming a highly skilled injector requires years of continuing education, an intricate knowledge of facial anatomy, a steady hand, a gentle manner, and an eye for beauty. Skinpossible’s injectors are doctors and nurses with many years of training and practical application. They are also true artists who can be trusted to safely deliver beautiful cosmetic outcomes! 


There are other laser clinics so why choose Skinpossible?
12 Reasons!


Not all treatments work equally well. Any treatment is only as good as the technology that delivers it. At Skinpossible we pride ourselves in offering only the best in clinically proven technologies. We have more technology than any other clinic in Calgary and all our technology is tier-one within its class. 





Skinpossible owns more technology and offers a greater variety of treat-ments than any other clinic in Calgary. A clinic with fewer options can only offer you what they have. As cosmetic specialists with many solutions, we can select and pair treat-ments to deliver greater results based on your individual needs. 




All of our staff have been thoroughly trained and their advanced education is continuous. Technicians are trained in laser physics, are fully certified, and are also medical aestheticians. Our doctor and nurse injectors are experienced and have training in the latest advancements in cosmetic injections. 




The skill, knowledge and experience of our staff allows us to do more than push buttons, follow basic instructions and deliver the bland parameters taught by industry trainers. Customized treatments create better results. Medical aesthetics is our specialty. It is all we do, and we take pride in doing it well! 




Not all treatments are suitable for all skin types. Extra precautions apply for some people and others may be contraindicated due to health concerns, skin conditions or medi-cations. Your detailed intake forms are thoroughly reviewed by our medical staff and clinic physician prior to commencing any treatment plan. 




Your satisfaction is important to us. We will tell you truthfully what our treatments can do for you, but we will also be honest about what they cannot do. Unfortunately, not every person is a suitable candidate for every treatment. If we are not confident that you can expect satisfactory results, we will tell you. 




At Skinpossible you will be given detailed written pre and post-treatment instructions. Our forms will also tell you what to expect and clearly explain any potential risks. We take pre-treatment photos and follow-up by telephone after most treatments. We also offer follow-up visits to review your results. 




Our relaxed and educational consultations are second to none and we love to meet with you in person in the privacy of our beautiful consultation rooms. People who live out-of-town or anyone who cannot make it to the clinic can meet with us easily via Zoom or by phone.




You can be confident you will always receive the best possible price at Skinpossible. Our prices tend to be lower than prices at other clinics for comparable best-in-class treatments. Our standard of care, customer service, and reasonable pricing equates to excellent value! 




Medical aesthetics treatments are always welcome gifts. Skin-possible has fully refundable Gift Cards in any denomination. Choose a value that fits your budget and your loved one can choose their own cosmetic gift. Good things come in small packages and we will wrap it beautifully for you! 




Skinpossible is a medical-grade laser clinic with the exquisite ambiance of a spa. The facility is beautiful and pristinely clean. During your visit you will be welcomed and treated with courtesy, kindness and respect. Our goal is to have you leave feeling like you have been pampered.




Skinpossible’s main floor location was chosen and built with your privacy in mind. The entrance faces the river valley and cannot be seen by drive-by traffic. We also have a separate entrance and mini waiting area for VIP’s or anyone requiring added privacy and discretion. This also serves as a discrete exit.




Isn’t it wonderful what’s possible these days?
Medical advancements have increased our life expectancy by decades! And fortunately, cosmetic advancements have been developed that can keep us looking as young as we feel. We all feel better when we look better and it is amazing what can be done without surgery! 


Each of us ages in appearance in different ways, some of us develop wrinkles while others remain relatively wrinkle-free but develop jowls or a saggy neck. Still others lose fat volume in the face or under the eyes which can make us appear tired. Sometimes deep frown lines develop and we can appear angry or stressed out even when we are happy and relaxed. Brown and red pigment can also affect our appearance. 

Treatments exist to minimize the effects of aging in our appearance
At the same time we lose fat in our faces we tend to gain fat around our midsections. Sometimes even when we are young our genetics leave us predisposed to stubborn pockets of fat that are simply resistant to diet and exercise. Fortunately, there are non-surgical solutions for that too? In this amazing world of medical-aesthetics the need for shaving can be a thing of the past. Even tattoos are no longer permanent and can be removed.

The options are many!  The choices are abundant! 
Not all lasers and aesthetics technology are created equal. Manufacturers of technology and the number of treatments within every category are too numerous to keep up with. The number of providers of aesthetics treatments and services can be overwhelming! How can you as a consumer know which treatment or combination of treatments will give you the outcomes you seek within the budget you have to invest? The answer lies in the consultation.



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