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Body Contouring at it's finest!

As individuals we are all unique. Genetics, lifestyle habits and other factors effect the way we age, as well as the way we carry fat and muscle on our bodies. Some are genetically blessed and maintain healthy, well-proportioned bodies with little effort. Others work hard to achieve their body goals but can’t quite reach them no matter how hard they try.

Sometimes diet and exercise just aren’t enough!

One thing we all have in common is that we feel more confident and happy when we know we are looking our best. If you have a stubborn pocket of fat that just won’t budge no matter what you do, or a stubborn muscle that just won’t grow no matter how hard you work, our body contouring options can get you from where you are to where you want to be! 

  • Debulk localized fat
  • Spot-reduce stubborn areas
  • Improve shape and contours
  • Enhance muscular development
  • Balance Symmetry and proportion
  • Refine abdominal definition

Which Body Contouring option is right for you?



remains the most effective method of non-surgical fat reduction available today. It is clinically proven to get rid of more fat than any other method of non-surgical body contouring and with very few precautions, contraindications or potential complications.  

The various shapes and sizes of cooling devices allow for precise reduction of almost all shapes, figures and physiques. It is reliable, predictable, versatile, safe and in most cases far more comfortable during and after the treatment. LEARN MORE >> 

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SculpSure calgary

While SculpSure could potentially be used to accomplish clinical results comparable to CoolSculpting, it would require two treatments to clear as much fat as CoolSculpting can clear in one. Because we have both, in all cases where CoolSculpting is suitable, it would make no sense for us to recommend SculpSure instead. 

SculpSure is a valuable addition to our lineup of body contouring options for fine detailing or in cases where CoolSculpting may not be suitable. LEARN MORE >>

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calgary emsculpt

Make no mistake, EMSCULPT is a treatment for building muscle, not reducing fat. The fact that parameters can be set to also destroy fat when it is desirable to do so, is a bonus!   

When enhancing muscular development in areas such as the glutes, arms and calves, in most cases a reduction of fat would be contradictory to the goal. On the abdomen, however, EMSCULPT’s ability to thin the thickness of fat circumferentially, improves definition and visibility of musculature. CoolSculpting to debulk the abdomen first can be added. LEARN MORE >>

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We customize combinations for superior results and savings!

With so many options available, you might wonder how you could possibly know which one to choose. That’s where our body contouring experts come in!   

Begin by choosing Skinpossible as your treatment provider!

A clinic with only one body contouring option can only offer you what they have. At Skinpossible, because we have multiple options, you can trust that the information we give you will be factual and non-biased. We will recommend the treatment or combination of treatments that is right for you! One of our body contouring experts would be happy to sit with you in the privacy of a consultation room to give you all the information you need to make a fully informed decision.   

What are your body goals?

Perhaps  you want to slim your waist, thighs or arms so you can wear more fitted clothing or sleeveless tops with confidence. It may be just a subtle refinement you are seeking, just a small imperfection you wish to correct. Or maybe you want to define your abdomen without losing your curves! Your goal might even be to increase muscular development in your glutes, arms and/or calves to improve or balance the shape, symmetry and contour of your figure or physique. 

It all begins with an assessment! Call today

Based on how and where you want to see your body changed, we will recommend the treatment or combination that will accomplish your body goals in the order of your priorities. We’ll customize a package for you, give you a quote, and help you plan a treatment schedule that will fit your budget.  



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