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Segar, the owner and clinic director of Skinpossible Laser & Light Solutions, provides a wealth of information about laser hair removal, tattoo removal and anti-aging solutions. Her articles, featured weekly in the Calgary Sun, are presented in layman’s terms with a note of humour. They make for interesting reading,

One of Calgary’s largest clinics specializing in cosmetic procedures, Skinpossible offers more treatments and technology than any other clinic in Calgary. So it’s hard to believe that seven years ago, Skinpossible was a tiny clinic located at Roberta’s acreage in De Winton, with Roberta as its only technician.

“People thought I was crazy,” says Roberta, “but when I discovered this industry and what it can do to empower people, I just had to do it!”

Calgary-beauty-clinicShe went to laser college, renovated two rooms of her home into a beautiful medi-spa, waterfall and all. She built a website, sent out flyers and started delivering treatments.

“When I bought my first laser I wasn’t without fear of failure,” says Roberta. “But I knew the best way to compete in business is simply to do a better job.”

That meant investing in the best equipment available and the continual training of her growing staff.

Her philosophy worked and Skinpossible has expanded twice. Now located in the Chaparral Valley Professional Building, the 4,500-sq.-ft. clinic has eight treatment rooms and a staff of 19, including three doctors, a nurse and six laser technicians.

Skinpossible has received several industry awards and now adds Winner of a Readers’ Choice Award in the Cosmetic Procedures category to its list of accolades. A successful formula, indeed. 



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