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Thinking about Anti-Aging? At what age should you start?

Sagging, wrinkles, flushing, dark spots, lost volume, and enlarged pores are facial changes that happen naturally to all of us as we get older. This page explains why many people choose to invest in anti-aging solutions. This article will answer common questions such as when, how and what to do to get the biggest return for your investment. >>


At what age should I start?

As we age, visible changes will be slow and gradual. You may not feel the need to do anything until the changes become obvious. Prevention, however, will be more effective than trying to undo something that has already happened. It’s possible to keep a 40-year-old looking 40 until they are 60. On the other hand, it is improbable that we could ever make a 60-year-old look 40 again.  

“I regret taking care of my skin when I was young!"
                                                                         - said no one ever!  

Cleanse, protect, exfoliate, and nourish!  

Start by never abusing your skin with excessive sun exposure, and the earlier you start using skincare products the better. Knowing what we know about ingredients, of course, we recommend medical-grade skincare, with age and condition-specific regimes. Quality skincare can do everything facials and chemical peels can achieve and at a lower overall cost. Any skincare is better than no skincare!

Stimulate collagen early! 

At the age of 20, we start losing collagen at a rate of about 1% per year. It happens to everyone and with each passing year, our skin loses tone and elasticity. We recommend an Ultherapy treatment once every three years starting at the age of 35, every two years if you wait until you are 40 or annually if you wait until you are 50 to get started. Ultherapy stimulates collagen and the more collagen you have at the time of treatment, the better and more long-lasting the results will be!  You will not regret starting early!

Too little too late?  

Perhaps all these wonderful anti-aging solutions didn’t exist when you were 40 or even 60. Or perhaps you had thought you would age “gracefully,” as they say, but now regret it. Not every treatment is suitable for every person after a certain age, but there is almost always something that can be done to address specific concerns and improve self-esteem, even for the elderly. If you are in good health it is rarely too late to do something to help reverse the effects of time.  

A little, a lot, or nothing?

If you are faced with multiple concerns you may need a combination of treatments done over time. Addressing concerns one at a time based on priority is one way to do it. Small changes add up over time. The first step is a consultation. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. Maybe you’ll dip your toe in the water and do a little something for yourself. Maybe you’ll dive in and make some major changes. Or maybe you’ll just take the information home and think it over, and that’s okay too!


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