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To develop muscular definition naturally takes many months of frequent and consistent workouts. Once you have muscles it is easy to maintain them but the process of getting them can be discouraging. 

EMSCULPT could be the shortcut that will motivate you to keep going, or start going... to the gym! 

A series of four 20-30 minute EMSCULPT treatments performed over a period of 2-3 weeks is clinically proven to build muscle! When applied to the abdomen, or other areas where fat loss is desired, treatment parameters can be set to cause permanent reduction of fat as well. 

To truly appreciate the muscular improvement and to see definition, the fat layer cannot be too thick. While the HIFEM waves penetrate up to 7 cm, an ideal candidate for EMSCULPT will have less than an inch of pinchable fat. Men and woman with more than one inch of pinchable fat, or a stubborn localized pocket of fat, may benefit from CoolSculpting or WarmSculpting to reduce the amount of fat prior to or after receiving the EMSCULPT procedure. 

EMSCULPT is an excellent option to strengthen the quadriceps of those with knee problems and has proven popular with athletes and patients recovering from sports injuries of all sorts. It can even be used to strengthen the core and improve posture in the elderly. 

Results develop gradually and are long-lasting! 

When you purchase your CoolSculpting or WarmSculpting package at Skinpossible an EMSCULPT treatment is included!



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