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5 More Ways to Undo Neck Neglect!

It’s a catchy name for a heading but sometimes disliking the way our neck looks has nothing to do with neglect. As we age, well…things just happen. The skin on our neck is thinner than the skin on our faces and it tends to become loose and wrinkled in appearance. We also tend to lose definition of our jawlines and develop jowls. Many of us will also notice that the bands in our neck are becoming tight and more prominent with age. Excess fat below the chin can be caused by a variety of factors, including obesity and aging, but sometimes it’s simply a matter of genetics. If these are things that concern you, there are solutions for each, and why shouldn’t you pursue them if you want to? >>


1) Coolsculpting for Double Chins

Coolsculpting is the revolutionary treatment that freezes away fat. It's a non-surgical alternative to liposuction that can get rid of stubborn pockets of fat, safely and permanently. Variously sized applicators are used to treat different areas of the body. A tiny handpiece called the CoolMini, is used to treat very small areas. It works great at freezing away fat on the neck and other areas that do not have enough fat to use with any of the larger applicators. 

coolsculpting chin fat
*results may vary


2) Skinny Chinny for Smaller Double Chins

What if you have fat under your chin but not enough to fill a CoolMini applicator? Or what if you still have fat after Coolsculpting but not enough to repeat the treatment? Thankfully, there is...there is another solution available and we call it Skinny Chinny. Treatment of fat under the chin with small injections of Deoxy-cholic Acid (a bile acid that is natural to the body) is gaining in popularity. Skinpossible uses the brand name known as Belkyra. It’s basically like liposuction in a syringe! 

bealkyra chin fat

              Before                                After

*results may vary


3) Ultherapy to Tighten & Lift

As we age, we lose collagen and the skin on the neck starts to sag. We also lose definition of the jawline and develop jowls. Ultherapy is a non-invasive treatment that promotes the production of new collagen. It targets the skin and the underlying muscle known as the SMAS.  After the treatment, the skin and underlying muscle grow stronger and become more toned. Ultherapy is the only FDA approved treatment for tightening and lifting the skin and it works great on the neck! 

Ultherapy neck 

               Before                          After

ultherapy-face copy
*results may vary


4) Beauty Boosters 

As mentioned above, the skin on the neck is thinner than the skin on our face, so when it is dehydrated the visible effects become very evident. Beauty Boosters nourish and hydrate the skin with microinjections of Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. It identifies the skin and restores plumpness, improves skin texture, tone, and firmness. This affordable treatment is wonderful for the face but fantastic for the neck and décolletage! 

Beauty booster neck 

                  Before                                After

redensity neck 
*results may vary


5) TNS Essential Serum

A potent combination of corrective and recovery ingredients, this anti-aging product will help the skin help itself. It accelerates healing, corrects past aging, prevents future damage, and reactivates existing growth factors. Used twice daily, TNS is clinically proven to increase new collagen synthesis by 34% in 6 weeks and 64% in 6 months! It’s an anti-aging treatment in a bottle!

TNS skinmedica

                Before                                After

TNS neck results
*results may vary


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