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More and more men are coming to realize something that women have long been aware of. Appearance does matter! It’s been clinically proven that in our society physical appearance has a large impact on how we are perceived by others. A large body of research has documented that individuals perceived to be attractive receive preferential treatment, and it goes beyond romantic encounters. Studies have shown that men who are above average in attractiveness earn more money than those with an average appearance and that those with below average looks are penalized with the lowest hourly wages.

Please don’t shoot the messenger, gentlemen! Societal changes in this day and age are putting pressure on older men in the workforce as well. Working later in life means competing with younger men, but unfortunately, along with the wisdom, experience, and accomplishments that come along with getting older, there are changes that occur in a man’s outward appearance. These changes can make a male appear tired, anxious, or angry and affect the way he is perceived.

Today’s men are waking up to high-tech grooming!

Medical Aesthetics opens up a whole new world of possibilities for a man to mobilize every personal asset in order to compete more effectively. Any treatment that can be done for a woman can be done for a man, but let’s talk about two solutions that are especially popular with our male clientele. 

As we age we develop wrinkles and lines that eventually become permanently etched in our features. They result from animating the face. We frown, we raise our eyebrows in surprise or joy, we smile, we squint, and we pucker our lips. Animation of the face is, of course, a good thing. The deep lines that result, however, can make a man look angry or stressed out when he is actually relaxed and happy.

A class of medications known as neuromodulators can relax muscles to create a more youthful appearance. Neuromodulators have been used for many years to treat many medical conditions. In tiny doses for cosmetic purposes, they are used to relax crows feet around the eyes as well as frown lines and horizontal lines in the forehead. Neuromodulators that are currently in use include Botox™, Dysport™ and Xeomin™. Relaxing muscles in the face with Neuromodulators is the most utilized cosmetic treatment in the world and men everywhere are doing it.

As we age we also lose fat on our faces. Our cheeks, which were full and high when we were young can sink and develop a triangular shaped flat spot that can appear shaded and grooved. Many of us lose volume in the orbits of our eyes that result in eye circles that may or may not be dark in appearance. We also lose volume in other areas of the face. This lost volume allows the face to fall and contributes to the appearance of the deep folds that appear at the sides and corners of the mouth. Even when we are young, lack of volume can make us look tired!

Lost volume in the face is easy to replace with dermal fillers! This popular procedure can restore the contours and shape your face had when you were younger. Fillers can also be used to create volume where it has never existed. A skilled injector is able to place the correct consistency and amount of filler to precisely replace or create volume to the areas of the face that can benefit.

Results are natural in appearance!

The treatment takes less than an hour and you will look exactly like yourself only better. If you would like to learn more about what Neuromodulators or dermal fillers can do for you, don’t hesitate to call and book a free consultation. We will give you all the information you need to make an informed decision. No pressure. No obligation. Tell the front desk that you want a consultation with one of our injectors and if you decide to go ahead we can do your treatment during the same visit. Men who do so will join a club made up of politicians, high-profile businessmen, and males who simply want to look and feel their best.

Our style of consultation is educational. During a consultation, we take the time to thoroughly explain your options and make sure you have all of the information you need to make an informed decision. No pressure. No obligation. Consultations are free and so is parking. Our prices are competitive and our Chaparral Valley location is easy to get to from anywhere in the city. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.



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