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Body contouring isn't only about fat! 

Now there is a treatment that can build muscle! Skeptical? When we first heard about this new category of treatment we were skeptical too! Once we looked at the clinical evidence we were intrigued. When we actually experienced an EMSCULPT treatment we were beyond impressed...we were blown away! EMSCULPT works! This article will explain how. >> 


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can you afford medical aesthetics calgary


Can you afford Medical Aesthetics?

Medical Aesthetics treatments are a luxury. Unlike a roof over our head, clothes on our back, and food in our belly, treatments for cosmetic purposes are a want, not a need. When there are so many other things we can spend our disposable income on, why should we choose medical aesthetics treatments as one of our priorities? Is our vanity really worth it? Before we consider the cost, let’s look at the value. Please don’t shoot the messenger! >>


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anti-aging treatments calgary

Thinking about Anti-Aging? At what age should you start?

Sagging, wrinkles, flushing, dark spots, lost volume, and enlarged pores are facial changes that happen naturally to all of us as we get older. This page explains why many people choose to invest in anti-aging solutions. This article will answer common questions such as when, how and what to do to get the biggest return for your investment. >>

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Want the facts about body contouring? Here is the GOOD NEWS and the BAD NEWS!

There are many treatments that claim to get rid of fat and new treatments entering the market every year. Some use various methods to empty fat cells but leave the fat cells intact so results are only temporary. Others attempt to destroy unwanted fat with heat, cold or mechanical injury. Some dissolve fat with injections. Some of these treatments hurt and some put the skin and surrounding tissues at risk of contour irregularities if not done properly. >>


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Winter is Abdominal Rejuvenation Season!

Stretchmarks are the bane of women and men alike.  Do you know that treatments exist that can do much to improve their appearance?  If the skin on your abdomen (or elsewhere) is flaccid, wrinkled or scarred with stretch marks, it is probably during warmer weather that you may think about such things.  It is during the winter, however, that the course of treatment should best begin. Why?>>

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Winter is Laser Skin Resurfacing Season!

We come into this world with skin that is soft, smooth and perfect. And then…life happens! As time passes we spend time in the sun, we smile, we laugh, we kiss, we frown, and we cry. Wrinkles, spots, lip lines, acne scars and other textural irregularities appear on our skin. >>

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Have you tried Botox yet? How about fillers?

Do you ever wonder why some of your friends look so much younger than you do? It may be their best-kept secret. They might be getting Botox and Juvederm at Skinpossible! Combined, they are known as Soft Lift™ and when done correctly, Soft Lift can improve or take years off anyone’s appearance. Thanks to some TV shows, however, there are a lot of misconceptions that taint opinions and deprive many from the benefits. This article will clear up some misconceptions.  >>

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Say "GOODBYE" to that last inch...FOR GOOD!

CoolSculpting® freezes away fat without diet or exercise, but fitness buffs love CoolSculpting too! Sometimes people who exercise daily and maintain their bodies in very lean condition will still have a stubborn pocket of fat that just won’t budge. Even figure and physique competitors preparing for competition may find themselves struggling to get rid of that last inch. >>


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SPF calgary

Why Sun exposure doesn't mix with laser treatments, and what to do about it...

It’s because many laser treatments require sun avoidance for a period of time before and after treatment. Most people tend to spend less time outside during the winter so the challenge of avoiding sun exposure is more easily overcome. Why is it that sun exposure doesn’t mix with laser treatments? This article will tell you why this is important and what will happen if you ignore these instructions. It will also tell you how to overcome this obstacle if you have a winter vacation planned.  >>

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calgary botox filler injections

Arrive looking fabulous at all those oh-so-special gatherings!

Have you ever wondered why some of your friends look so much younger than you do? It may be their best-kept secret. Hmmm???? Maybe they’re getting Botox and dermal fillers at Skinpossible! Combined, these two remarkable treatments are known as a “Softlift.” When done correctly, Softlift can take years off of anyone’s appearance! Thanks to some TV shows, however, there are a lot of misconceptions that taint opinions and deprive many from the benefits.  This article will clear up some misconceptions. >>

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laser hair removal calgary


Want the FACTS about Laser Hair Removal? Here's the GOOD news and the BAD news!

Women have been shaving their legs and underarms for decades. It’s a cumbersome chore that needs to be done frequently to avoid stubble. Feminine facial hair is even more tedious. Hairy backs have never been considered attractive but nowadays it seems that body hair, in general, is considered unsightly on men as well as women. In an era where all of us seem busier than ever, shaving is time-consuming, and the cost of razor blades over a period of forty or fifty years can really add up.  >>

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