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Want the facts about body contouring? Here is the GOOD NEWS and the BAD NEWS!

There are many treatments that claim to get rid of fat and new treatments entering the market every year. Some use various methods to empty fat cells but leave the fat cells intact so results are only temporary. Others attempt to destroy unwanted fat with heat, cold or mechanical injury. Some dissolve fat with injections. Some of these treatments hurt and some put the skin and surrounding tissues at risk of contour irregularities if not done properly. >>



Hollywood is always featuring the hottest new treatment but not all treatments do what they claim to do!

Clinical evidence is needed to prove it’s not just hype, and in many cases it’s just not there. It is a fact that new rarely means better. Some treatments simply don’t work, but some actually work very well! It’s usually the tried and proven devices that consistently deliver the best results. If the treatment you choose proves to be ineffective that would be very bad news for you, and a waste of your money!

When it comes to non-surgical body contouring, Skinpossible offers or has offered numerous modalities over the years including Ultrashape which was the first non-invasive technology that was proven to permanently destroy fat. We currently offer CoolSculpting, WarmSculpting by SculpSure, EMSCULPT (which also builds muscle) and Belkyra fat injections!


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What is the GOOD news?

The treatments work and the fat will be gone for good!

Skinpossible offers only tier-one treatments, and all of our body contouring options work well. The fat cells that are destroyed will be gone permanently and will never come back. Your contour will be forever changed with a permanent reduction of fat in the treated areas. Even in the event you ever gain weight, the fat will be distributed more evenly over your figure or physique.


What is the BAD news?

The treatments work and the fat will be gone for good!

The fat that will be destroyed will be gone permanently and we can’t put it back. Your figure, physique or face will be permanently altered, and for optimum results the body contouring devices must be positioned properly. It is a simple fact that it can not be assumed that every technician who performs body contouring treatments is equally qualified to assess your needs and deliver artful results.


What are the facts?

The treatments work and the fat will be gone for good!

Since 2010 the highly trained and experienced technicians at Skinpossible have performed more body contouring treatments than any other clinic in Western Canada, by a very wide margin! Clearly we know what we are doing. You can trust the body contouring experts at Skinpossible to deliver the treatment or combination of treatments that will give you the best results possible!


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