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 We have 1,000 face shields to give away away!

Is it possible for service providers to relaunch safely? Skinpossible believes it is! We have equipped all of our staff with personal protective equipment including face shields that are Health Canada approved as medical devices for Covid-19! Skinpossible wants to help keep everyone safe, so we bought extra! 

We are giving them to restaurant workers, hair stylists, hygienists, vets, therapists, beauticians or anyone who can't maintain distance at work! 

When distance isn’t possible, a light-weight plastic face shield will let you get close. Face masks are hard to wear all day! They are sweaty, they muffle your voice, and constant adjustments reduce their effectiveness. These stylish face shields extend below the chin and back to the ears to provide a physical barrier you can wear all day in comfort.

Go ahead...take a breath of fresh air and show your smile!

All you have to do to request your free face shield is email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing the following information: 

Full Name: Your first name and last name please! 
Your Cell Number: We will need this for verification purposes when you call or text us upon arrival to pick up your shield, and just in case we need to get in touch with you for any reason. 
Occupation: What personal service do you provide? 
Employer: Name and address of the business where you work.  

This offer is available while supplies last and there is no cost or obligation whatsoever. Upon receipt of your email we will send you a release to sign digitally along with instructions on how and when to come to Skinpossible to pick up your face shield. 

skinpossible covid19 free faceshield  


Q: If I want to “pay it forward” may I make a donation in exchange for my face shield? 

A: This is not expected but we would gratefully accept your donation in any amount you wish to give. All proceeds will be forwarded to the Calgary Food Bank. 

Q: Why do I have to sign a liability release? 

A: Because despite the face shield we will give you, the pandemic still exists. Wearing a face shield will not guarantee that you will not contract the coronavirus and we cannot be held responsible if you do. 

Q: Can I pick up a shield for my co-workers when I come to pick up my own? 

A: We are happy to provide one for everyone, but we are giving away only one shield per person. Your co-workers or staff can request one but will need to pick it up themselves. Why? Because we want to give shields only to those who will wear them. We recognize that some service providers may not want to wear PPE, and our thoughts are that if someone will drive to Skinpossible to pick it up they will wear it. 

Q: Is this gift available for certain occupations only? 

A: These shields are available to any and all service providers who cannot do their job without getting close to a their customers. 

Q: How do I know this shield has been approved by Health Canada as a medical device for use in hospitals during Covic 19? 

A: The Health Canada authorization number is printed on each shield. It is #314046 and you can see a copy of it Here.

Q: Should personal service providers also wear a mask?

A: It is a personal decision and not ours to make for anyone other than our own staff. We strongly believe that if workers must get close to do their job wearing a face mask only is not enough! Wearing a mask only helps protect others from the person wearing the mask. If you wear a mask it will help protect your customers, but not you. Your customers should be wearing a mask whenever possible. When distance isn’t possible wearing a face shield provides an additional level of safety by putting a physical barrier between you and your customer. Wearing both a mask and a shield along with handwashing will help keep you safe! 

Please stay healthy! Together we can do this!

It’s Possible! 



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