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If your abdomen has bulged out since giving birth, it may be a condition known as Diastasis Recti. It could be because the muscles of your abdomen were stretched apart during your pregnancy and have remained separated afterwards. If the gap between your right and left abdominal wall muscles doesn’t close, it can result in a rounded or protruding “pooch” that may cause you to continue to appear pregnant.

What to do? What to not do!

The normal response from women trying to regain their figures after pregnancy is to do sit-ups or crunches, exercises that target the rectus abdominis, the muscles that are known as a six-pack. But this is a no-no! Exercises to strengthen the core (your transverse abdominis) can help, but exercises to target the rectus abdominis can make the problem worse. So does this mean that a woman who has Diastasis Recti can never build the muscles to create the attractive “six-pack” without also having a pot-belly? No! EmSculpt to the rescue!

Strengthen your core, close the gap, and get a six-pack!

Skinpossible’s EmSculpt can help! EmSculpt is the new treatment that is clinically proven to build muscle while also reducing fat. Without any effort on your part the treatment recruits the muscles needed to develop a six-pack without the forward thrusting abdominal exercises that can exacerbate Diastasis Recti. It also closes the separation between the muscles.

EmSculpt is clinically proven to reduce the separation between abdominal walls by an average of 11% while also increasing muscle thickness an average of 16% and reducing fat thickness an average of 19%!


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