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The COOLEST way to look HOT!

After such a cold winter the promise of some warmer weather and skimpier clothes is something to look forward to!  Have you been hiding in baggy sweaters all winter? Maybe, despite the hours you’ve spent in the gym, you’re still not ready to slide into those skinny jeans? Despite our best efforts at healthy diet and exercise, many of us just can’t get rid of those problem areas. Most of us have them – muffin tops, saddlebags, bat wings or banana rolls. Those stubborn little pockets of fat that make shorts a little tough to do up and cling to slinky summer tops in all the wrong places, like our flanks. >>


If you tend to carry fat disproportionately, maintaining your body fat low enough to eliminate those stubborn bulges may not be realistic. It may not be healthy or even attractive because being too lean can affect your shape and make your face appear gaunt. Is liposuction the only way to have the figure or physique you want? Not anymore! Now there's CoolSculpting! It’s a scientifically-proven way to look hot, by getting cool, and Skinpossible offers this popular and effective treatment!

Freeze away fat for good!

CoolSculpting is an FDA and Health Canada-approved method that uses controlled cooling to eliminate fat cells, which freeze at a higher temperature than other cells making the procedure safe for nerves, skin and collagen. The cells are then cleared through your body’s natural physiological processes. 

Treatment results appear gradually over a period of weeks, with full results visible in two to three months. CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss program. It’s targeted contouring that delivers noticeable results, typically around 25% on the first treatment, with some patients choosing additional treatments for even greater results.

What to expect?

CoolSculpting has gained a reputation as a walk-in, walk-out lunch-time procedure with no down-time. A gel pad and cooling device are positioned to target the area to be treated. Then suction gently draws the tissue into the cooling device. 

At Skinpossible, our patients often choose to relax and watch TV or catch up on e-mail during their treatment. Most just feel a slight discomfort from the vacuum and initial cooling, which lasts around five minutes. After the treatment, the treated area is massaged for optimal results, and then you’re up and on your way! There is typically some post-treatment tenderness and sometimes temporary puffiness or bruising, which clears up in a few days.

There are other CoolSculpting providers in Calgary, so why choose Skinpossible?

Skinpossible is one of western Canada’s foremost CoolSculpting providers, having performed over 10,000 treatments, the most of any facility in Alberta in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Our treatment staff have attended CoolSculpting University. Our experience and track record is important because CoolSculpting relies on the placement of the device and, as with any cosmetic treatment, the aesthetic expertise of the technician is imperative for the best and most appealing results. 

Our facility has three Coolsculpting units, which allow for treatment of several areas of the body at once, for your convenience and to save you time. We provide a free pre-treatment consult and a post-treatment visit to compare your before and after photos. 

Our style of consultation is educational. There is no pressure or obligation. We take the time to explain your options and make sure you have the information you need to make a decision, at no charge. Even the parking is free. If you are ready, so are we. Give us a call today!


Look  at the incredible CoolSculpting results!

*Results may vary



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