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Why Sun exposure doesn't mix with laser treatments, and what to do about it...

It’s because many laser treatments require sun avoidance for a period of time before and after treatment. Most people tend to spend less time outside during the winter so the challenge of avoiding sun exposure is more easily overcome. Why is it that sun exposure doesn’t mix with laser treatments? This article will tell you why this is important and what will happen if you ignore these instructions. It will also tell you how to overcome this obstacle if you have a winter vacation planned.  >>


Most laser treatments require sun avoidance for a period of time before and after treatment. This is one of the primary reasons why people may decide not to proceed with a treatment they would otherwise want the benefits of. They feel they cannot avoid sun exposure or they simply don’t want to. This article will tell you why this matters and how to overcome this obstacle.


Many treatments seek out melanin in the skin. This is one reason why people with darker skin, who have a lot of melanin, or people with tan may not be a candidate for some treatments. It may be necessary to let a tan fade to proceed safely. Even if the skin is not tanned, however, some technologies are so sensitive that they see melanocytes that have been excited by any recent sun exposure. This is why avoiding the sun for 2-4 weeks prior (depending on the treatment) may be required.


Almost all treatments cause a degree of injury to your skin. Sun exposure after the treatment could cause dark pigment is known as post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) to develop. Sun exposure for several weeks or months afterward (depending on the treatment) could increase this risk.

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So what number should you wear? SPF 15 in your moisturizer isn’t enough, but SPF 60 might not be either. It’s not about how high the number is but how much you apply and how frequently you reapply. Therein lies the problem. Most SPF’s don’t feel good or look good on the skin so people hate wearing it. Women don’t reapply because it will mess up their makeup. Men hate the way it runs down their face when they sweat because it gets in their eyes. All of these challenges are easy to overcome with Skinpossible’s wide selection of medical-grade SPF’s.

Skinpossible carries a wide range of sun protection products to protect and defend against the harmful effects of UVB, UVA, and HEV rays:  

• Chemical SPF’s penetrate to interfere with light absorption of damaging rays
• Naturally broad-spectrum physical SPF’s shield the skin to block damaging rays
• Protective ingredients that increase the skin’s defense against free radicals caused by sun exposure

UVA and UVB protection isn’t enough! You need HEV protection too! Research has shown that damage from High Energy Visible light (HEV) may be as harmful as that caused by UVA and UVB combined because it penetrates more deeply into the skin with the potential for causing even greater long-term damage.




If you are a sun worshipper who loves to have a tan you might not like what I am going to say in the next paragraph. I remember a song from the 70’s with lyrics that said “You’ve got to be cruel to be kind, in the right measure” I’ve found this to be true so I’ve got to tell you this: THE #1 CAUSE OF PREMATURE AGING OF THE SKIN IS SUN EXPOSURE!

Excessive sun exposure literally destroys collagen and DNA. I have sat in a consultation room with women (and men) and seen the long-term consequences on the faces and bodies of sun worshippers. I have seen 30-year-olds who look 40 and I have met people who are 50 with beautiful healthy skin who could pass for 40. I have also met many 50-year-old women who do not look a day under 60, and sometimes 70, because they have spent their life maintaining a tan. It is my responsibility to tell them that there is only so much laser treatments can do, and they do not work well on skin that has been abused with excessive sun exposure. I have seen their tears and heard their cries “I wish I hadn’t spent so much time in the sun. People warned me but I wouldn’t listen.” I have cried with them. 

Please don’t do this to yourself. A tan looks nice on young skin, but untanned, healthy, youthful looking skin looks better. Get some sun, in moderation, avoid sunburns, and if you want that dark tan, try tinted SPF, a self-tanning lotion, or one of the many spray tans available. I’ll end with more lyrics from the hit song by Nick Lowe, “Cruel to be kind means I love you baby!”



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