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Get the Skinny on a HOT new body contouring treatment!

Spring is here, or as some call it, patio season! We’re inspired to get off the couch and gather together with friends and family, and we want to look our best for all those social occasions, like Mother’s Day! A little medical aesthetics can help, including getting rid of some of those stubborn areas of fat. >>


Skinpossible is already the top CoolSculpting clinic in Calgary, but after a long winter, who doesn’t welcome a little heat?  Skinpossible is proud to introduce SculpSure, a new way to get rid of localized fat… with heat!

SculpSure is an impressive new, laser-based technology that Skinpossible has added to our menu of services. With the debut of a new body contouring treatment, we’re sure you have many questions. How does it work? What kind of results can I expect? And for those of you who are familiar with CoolSculpting, how does SculpSure compare? We’re here with the answers you are looking for!

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is the world’s first laser treatment that can safely disrupt fat cells below the surface of the skin to such a degree that they are permanently destroyed. It is FDA approved for treatment of the flanks, abdomen, back, and thighs. After the treatment, the cells are then cleared through your body’s own natural physiological processes. It’s recommended that clients receive two treatments, performed four to six weeks apart, for maximum results. Although results are sometimes seen in as little as six weeks, it usually takes 12 weeks for optimum results. SculpSure is suitable for all skin types and it’s permanent!

What to Expect

SculpSure uses several flat, business card-size applicators that are placed on the treatment area. This versatile system can be customized into a variety of configurations to target different areas of your body. Your Skinpossible technician will assess and mark the areas to be treated prior to your twenty-five-minute treatment.

The applicators provide continuous cooling to your skin while targeting the fat cells with heat throughout the treatment. You’ll feel warm as the energy elevates and the heat will increase to short periods of more intense heat, followed by a wave of cooling. You may experience some cramping, tingling, prickling or squeezing sensations deep in the fat layer. Most people find the treatment quite tolerable, however, with some choosing to describe the feeling as a little “spicy.”

The Results

SculpSure has been shown to destroy up to 24% of the fat under the treatment area and two ScrulpSure treatments per area are recommended. 

An added bonus – the heat from SculpSure tends to extend slightly beyond the immediate treatment area. Proper positioning of the contouring frames by our skilled technicians will ensure you receive the best possible contour.

Coolsculpting or SculpSure?

Although CoolSculpting and SculpSure utilize a similar concept – destroying fat cells by changing their temperature – the treatments themselves are different. The first is the time the treatment takes – CoolSculpting treatments typically take slightly longer (35 minutes compared to 25 minutes.) CoolSculpting works by drawing the tissue in the targeted area into a cooling device utilizing suction, while SculpSure places flat applicators in the treatment area. The results from CoolSculpting and SculpSure are comparable, with CoolSculpting proven to remove an average of 25% on the first treatment and SculpSure shown to destroy up to 24%, with two treatments as a minimum recommendation. 

When is SculpSure better?

  • For a person to be a candidate for Coolsculpting there must be enough fat to draw into and fill up an applicator. With SculpSure this is not a concern so we can treat even extremely lean people with very little fat for spot reduction. 
  • When targeting fat on the outer thighs, there must be a definite bulge to treat with CoolSculpting. In the absence of a bulge, the person would not be a candidate due to the possibility of leaving a depression. Sculpsure’s tapered heat allows us to treat the thighs even when there is no decisive bulge. 
  • Because SculpSure gets rid of less fat with each treatment than CoolSculpting does, we can treat areas where less reduction is preferable. An example of this would be correcting asymmetry. CoolSculpting could cause too much reduction and over correct. In such a case SculpSure’s smaller reduction is more predictable and a second round can be done of greater reduction is required.

The bottom line is that SculpSure and CoolSculpting are both great body contouring options! Each offers unique advantages and because we offer both we are able to provide you with the choices and versatility of a customized treatment plan. We truly are Calgary’s body contouring experts! For more detailed information check out these sources on SculpSure and CoolSculpting Vs Sculpsure, or make an appointment for a free consultation! 


CoolSculpting results

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SculpSure results


 *Results may vary


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