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If you tend to carry fat disproportionately, maintaining your body fat low enough to eliminate those stubborn bulges may not be realistic. It may not be healthy or even attractive because being too lean can affect your shape and make your face appear gaunt. Is liposuction the only way to have the figure or physique you want? Not anymore! Now there is CoolSculpting!

Freeze away fat safely!

Coolsculpting-treatableareas2Coolsculpting works and it works well, achieving results that are comparable to liposuction, but without the risks or downtime of surgery. If you are like me, you may be skeptical. Understanding the science will help you decide if Coolsculpting could be a solution for you.

The revolutionary technology behind Coolsculpting was born from two simple observations: 

1) Children who ate a lot of popsicles were experiencing dimpling in the cheeks due to loss of fat from excessive exposure to the cold.

2) Horseback riders who rode during winter months were experiencing a fat reduction in their inner thighs. Now that could trigger a popular trend in winter horse-back riding...but Coolsculpting works a lot better! Developed by Harvard scientists, research has shown that when fat cells are frozen they crystallize and die, and that's how Coolsculpting works. It's safe, comfortable and clinically proven to destroy fat cells permanently.

The season of celebrations and winter vacations is approaching. If lumps and bumps will be affecting your wardrobe choices, Coolsculpting can change that. It does require a bit of advance planning, however, because it takes time for the benefits to materialize.

After the treatment, the crystallized fat cells clear gradually through the body's natural physiological processes. Most people start noticing a difference at about the four-week mark. Most of the fat will clear within eight weeks. Results continue to improve for four months.

A Coolsculpting treatment begins with an assessment to determine the number of treatment areas required. The treatment plan is mapped out and the appropriately sized applicator is chosen and applied based on the shape of the body and the amount of fat to be treated. Then you simply relax for an hour while the fat freezes. We can treat fat on the abdomen, love handles, arms, the bra-line, the inner or outer thighs, chest fat on men, double chins, almost anywhere.

Skinpossible has performed over 9,000 of these treatments to date.  We have every handpiece including the new Cool Advantage applicator for greater comfort and shorter treatment times.  We also offer Dualsculpting. What that means is that we use two machines to treat two areas of the body at the same time. This saves our patients time. If you would like to know more about Coolsculpting, call and book an assessment. Assessment/consultation is free!

There are other CoolSculpting providers so why choose Skinpossible?

Because we have every size and shape of the cooling device and we have performed over 9,000 treatments. All of our technicians have attended CoolSculpting® University. Experience is important because CoolSculpting works! Correct placement and use of the appropriate cooling device is imperative for best results. If you would like to know more about CoolSculpting® call and book an assessment. Assessments are free! Evening and Saturday appointments are available. A little CoolSculpting now and you will look and feel fabulous before the holidays begin.


Look at the incredible CoolSculpting results!


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