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The latest grooming options to look your best include wrinkle injections

Cosmetic injections and wrinkle reduction treatments have commonly been the domain of women, but one in three people who seek treatment to refresh their appearance are now men. Globally there has been a growing interest in grooming and presentation, and men are equally as interested in skin quality, volume and presentation as women. No downtime, minimally invasive procedures with natural looking results are even more important in the male domain, as they are in the female. Dermal fillers and muscle relaxing treatments are becoming more popular with men. >>

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Nail fungus can be killed with laser treatments!

Nail fungus loves to grow in dark, moist places, like our shoes for example! Swimmers, Hockey Players, Runners and other athletes are especially susceptible. Anyone can get it, or should I say catch it? It’s alive and it’s contagious.  >>


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Did you know you can get rid of leg and facial veins?

Small veins that appear on the face and legs are often referred to as spider veins. They are appropriately named. Just like spiders and spider webs, nobody likes them. At Skinpossible we have a solution to get rid of them.  >>


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Are you bothered by Wrinkles? Lip lines? Acne Scars?

Smooth skin that reflects light is beautiful isn’t it? We all come into this world with skin that is soft, smooth and, well… just perfect! But then… life happens. We spend time in the sun, we smile, we laugh, we kiss, we sing, some people smoke, and a few of us whistle. Acne can rear its ugly head and leave us with skin that is pitted. As time passes surface irregularities will eventually appear. It’s absolutely inevitable and nobody escapes it. There is, however, an escape hatch. Laser skin resurfacing can smooth out those textural imperfections..  >>


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Need a little "Lift" without surgery?

Ultherapy is an award-winning treatment for skin tightening and the only FDA approved treatment in existence for a “lift” indication. It’s in a league of its own and this article will explain why. The goal of all skin tightening procedures is to cause controlled injury to the skin to trigger a healing response that will produce new collagen. >>


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5 ways to anti-age gracefully!

Say what you will, but nobody likes what happens to our skin as we age. Some of us lose tone and as gravity takes its toll we start to sag and develop jowls. Others are more prone to develop wrinkles, fine lines and other textural irregularities. As we spend time in the sunspots appear and the skin may start to look red and blotchy. We also lose fat volume in our faces as well get older. >> 

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img src laser-hair-removal-calgary1
Laser Hair Removal has evolved. Now it's Better, Faster, Painless and suitable for fair, medium and dark skin types!

Imagine the freedom of enjoying smooth skin, free of stubble, without the need to shave or wax. Laser Hair Removal can permanently destroy the hair follicles and their ability to grow hair where it is unwanted. Not all hair removal lasers work equally well. Medical-grade differs greatly from spa-grade and not all technology is suitable for every person. Having a basic understanding of how laser hair removal works and what to expect will save you money, time and possibly disappointment.

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Is your little black dress too little?  

The season of holiday festivities has arrived and the season of winter vacations is almost upon us. What will you be wearing? If stubborn pockets of fat will be affecting your wardrobe choices maybe it’s time to stop hiding behind baggy shirts, get back into your skinny jeans, or put “little” back in your black dress. >>

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Has fun in the sun left you covered in spots?

You might think they are freckles. On children those adorable spots are surrounded by clear unpigmented skin. Freckles usually fade in early adulthood and the even toned skin that remains is a sign of youth. Brown pigmentation on adult skin is usually sun damage! The spots are solar lentigines and they get worse as we get older. Perhaps that’s why they are known as age spots.  >>

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6 ways to say "goodbye" to acne and acne scarring!

Acne can be disfiguring, demoralizing and frustrating. Do you have acne? Do your kids have acne? If so, I’d like to give you something to think about. We use braces to correct or prevent crooked teeth, don’t we? Doesn’t it make just as much sense to do what we can for Acne? The confidence that comes with having clear, smooth, blemish-free skin is at least as important as a nice smile, don’t you think? The value is comparable but the cost if far less. >>

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Do you have tattoo regret?

The season of holiday festivities has arrived and the season of winter vacations is almost upon us. What will you be wearing? If stubborn pockets of fat will be affecting your wardrobe choices maybe it’s time to stop hiding behind baggy shirts, get back into your skinny jeans, or put “little” back in your black dress. CoolSculpting™ lets you hit the beach buff and make peace with your two-piece. Coolsculpting is a non-invasive medical procedure that freezes away fat. It works great but it doesn’t work instantly.  >>

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