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Shaving is alright, Waxing is nice, but LASER HAIR REMOVAL is the BEST!

Imagine the freedom of enjoying smooth skin, free of stubble, without the need to shave or wax. Laser Hair Removal can permanently destroy the hair follicles and their ability to grow hair where it is unwanted. Not all hair removal lasers work equally well. Medical-grade differs greatly from spa-grade and not all technology is suitable for every person. Having a basic understanding of how laser hair removal works and what to expect will save you money, time and possibly disappointment.. >> 

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Are your arms ready to come out hiding?

What will you be wearing this summer, Ladies? If sleeveless tops and sundresses are not in your wardrobe plans because you don’t feel confident revealing your arms, CoolSculpting can change that. >>



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It's not your typical facial...IT'S BETTER!

When we think of a facial we envision a luxurious hour of relaxation with soft music while our face is pampered with hydrating creams and a nice facial massage. A Hydrafacial is not your typical facial.. It's better! >>

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Stretch marks and Loose skin BE GONE!

Life just isn’t fair sometimes! An example of this is abdominal laxity and stretch marks. Women who do something wonderful, like give life for example, can be left with skin that is flaccid or wrinkled on their abdomen. A person who has done something wonderful for themselves like lose weight, can be left with loose skin as well. >>



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Are your arms ready to come out hiding?

What will you be wearing this summer, Ladies? If sleeveless tops and sundresses are not in your wardrobe plans because you don’t feel confident revealing your arms, CoolSculpting can change that. >>


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Leg veins stopping you from wearing shorts?

Ah, summertime, when the livin' is easy! Unless of course you're living with leg veins that dictate your wardrobe choices. In that case the livin’ gets sweaty. Lounging poolside, wearing short-shorts and summer dresses, these are joys of the hot days to come. If you feel you can’t do this without being self-conscious of leg veins, I’ve got good news. It’s time for your legs to come out of hiding! >>



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How come celebs are looking younger for longer?

Thanks to a steady diet of lasers, lights, facials and needles, middle-aged celebs look younger than ever. You might say say, ‘I work out. I’m vegan. I don’t drink alcohol. I drink lots of water. Why do these actresses still look so much better than I do?’ And I can tell you, because we know their secret: Anyone who looks like that and says she hasn’t done any kind of enhancement isn’t telling the truth.”

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img src calgary wrinkles-lasertreatments-calgary
Bothered by Wrinkles? Lip lines? Acne scars?

Smooth skin that reflects light is beautiful isn’t it? We all come into this world with skin that is soft, smooth and, well…just perfect! But then… life happens. We spend time in the sun, we smile, we laugh, we kiss, we sing, some people smoke, and a few of us whistle. Acne can rear its ugly head and leave us with skin that is pitted. As time passes surface irregularities will eventually appear. It’s absolutely inevitable and nobody escapes it. There is, however, an escape hatch. Laser skin resurfacing can smooth out those textural imperfections.

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img src calgary Ultherapy-skintightening
Need a little lift without surgery?

We all age in appearance in different ways. There are wrinklers, sinkers and saggers. Me? I’m a sagger! Some people can pull off a droopy face, but if you’re not one of them, let me tell you why Ultherapy is my favourite treatment. It's an award-winning treatment for skin tightening and the only FDA approved treatment for a “lift”. It’s in a league of its own and I will explain why.

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img src calgary fotonasmoothliftin
Finally...a laser treatment that can do it all! 

We all age in appearance in different ways. I fondly refer to us more mature adults as ‘Wrinklers,’ ‘Sinkers,’ ‘Saggers’ and ‘The Sundamaged!’ Of course, all of us are all of the above to varying degrees. Fortunately, this incredible industry known as medical aesthetics has non-surgical solutions for each concern.

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img src calgary aesthetics-clinic1
What if you could get rid of wrinkles? 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could toss ourselves in the dryer for ten minutes and come out wrinkle-free? Few things cause us to age in appearance more that wrinkles.


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