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Love your body on your Wedding Day (and every day)

If you have a wedding planned let me begin by congratulating you and your fiancée on your decision to demonstrate your love with the bond of marriage. Call me old fashioned but it still makes me tear up with emotion at the significance of the depth of love and the commitment that a marriage symbolize. A marriage is truly a cause for celebration. >>


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One laser treatment can do it all! For Fair, Medium & Dark Skin.

When women and men come to Skinpossible for a consultation to discuss anti-aging solutions there is usually something specific about the way their skin is changing that they want to rectify. It may be sagging, wrinkles, dark spots or lost volume. A combination of treatments can address every concern. >>

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Secrets of Today's Intelligent Man!

Today’s successful older man knows that working later in life means competing with younger men. One would think that the wisdom and experience that comes with age would be an asset, but changes in our faces as we age can make us look tired, angry or stressed out and affect the way we are perceived. >>

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Need a little lift without surgery? Non-surgical skin lifting and tightening

Ultherapy is an award-winning treatment for skin tightening and the only FDA approved treatment in existence for a “lift” indication. It’s in a league of its own and this article will explain why. >>  


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3 ways to whip your skin into shape! Walk, Jog or Sprint!

Why medical-grade skincare is superior to what can be purchased over the counter can be explained in two word… Active Ingredients! At Skinpossible we carry several skincare lines to rapidly deliver results at a price and pace that you choose! >>


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You will Fear No Mirror!

Summer is quickly approaching! It’s the season of weddings, vacations and reunions, all those oh-so-special gatherings! When that warm weather arrives will lumps and bumps be affecting your wardrobe choices? If you have a stubborn pocket of fat that just won’t budge no matter what you do, CoolSculpting® can get rid of it! >>


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A double whammy for your double chinny!

Double chins are not considered attractive and if you have fat under your chin you probably don’t like it. Double chin exercises do not work but fortunately there are new medical treatments available that do. >>


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Headlines can cause stress!

Are headlines stressing you out? You know… those lines…on your head!? Worry lines? Frown lines? Crow’s feet and lips lines? Fine lines? Are your headlines causing the stress? >>


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It's something women never talk about!

Urinary Incontinence is something many women experience and suffer from, but don’t talk about. The involuntary loss of urine is so common it drives a lucrative market of protective underwear for adult women. The commercials depict happy women dancing and laughing but for the multitude of women who experience this embarrassing leakage on a regular basis, it is no laughing matter. >>


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You will look like you have measles for a day...BUT THEN!

After the age of twenty, our body’s ability to produce collagen and Hyaluronic Acid decreases with age, gradually resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, loss of elasticity, tone and volume. Over time, this loss of hydration and luminosity causes our complexion to look dry, wrinkled, dull and tired. Dark areas begin to appear and the skin’s texture becomes uneven. It’s something that cannot be addressed by face creams or by laser treatments. Now there is Redensity I. >>


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How to get rid of your "Menopause Belly"

Women carry fat differently than men do. We carry more fat intramuscularly (within the muscles) than men do and we have a much higher percentage of overall body fat than men do. Men tend to carry excess fat around the waist and sometimes on the chest. Women tend to carry fat below the waist in our hips and thighs. This is due to our female hormones and it is what gives us our feminine curves. As we age, unfortunately, our contours start to change. >>


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