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What's better than coolsculpting? Dualsculpting of course... but what's even better than that?


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In support of Breast Cancer Awareness month Skinpossible is not only extending this offer through the month of October, but is honoured to offer this service free of charge to any survivor of breast cancer at any time of year. If you know of anyone who has survived breast cancer please let them know about this offer. Call 403-938-1112 or 1-877-938-1112

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Tattoo Removal just got faster in Calgary! 
Some you love, some you hate, let skinpossible erase that mistake and we will do it faster than anyone else with Picosure.

How does PicoSure work?

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Reds and Browns, be GONE! 

Has fun in the sun left you covered in spots? They’re not freckles.

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Watch Coolsculpting on The Doctors! Experience Coolsculpting at Skinpossible!

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As we all know skin aging is unavoidable. However, there are some tips to slow that process! Today we are going to talk about the #1 beauty product in the industry. Believe it or not it's

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It's not pretty but it's a fact of life...

One in 10 people have Nail Fungus. Nail fungus loves to grow in dark, moist places, like our shoes for example! Swimmers, Hockey Players, Runners and other athletes are especially susceptible. Anyone can get it, or should I say catch it? It’s alive and it’s contagious. It can easily be spread during the simple process of enjoying a manicure or pedicure, if the previous client was infected. It can also

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Wondering why your acne isn't going away?

Mistake No. 1: Not Trying an Acne Treatment Long Enough
Skin is an organ and it can take some time for it to react to a new treatment, so try and keep to your chosen treatment and products for at least one month. Remember! It’s not an infection, it’s an inflammation. It can get worse before it gets better; and it is not uncommon for your skin to feel a bit irritated in the first couple of weeks of treatment.

Mistake No. 2: Trying Too Many Products at Once
Don’t use or mix different brands or products. Often the active ingredients in one product line won’t react well with the active ingredients in other products. When a

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CoolSculpting - Calgary Sun August 10th Page 9

Stubborn pockets of fat can affect our appearance and our self-confidence. Very few people do not have at least one area of their figure or physique where they tend to carry fat disproportionately. Until recently surgical lipo-suction was the only option. Now there are several non-surgical options that claim to reduce localized fat non-invasively. Most do not work very well. Others do not work at all or deliver results that are only temporary. A few are clinically proven to be effective when performed on a suitable candidate. The most

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Snow or shine, If you want to prenvent sun damage and skin cancer apply sunscreen every day, It's the most important thing you can do. We recommend
Tizo, Celazome and Colorescience if you want sunscreen on the go!

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