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Clinically proven treatment freezes away fat!

Is your little black dress too little? Is a stubborn pocket of fat causing your belt to slide in the wrong direction? Do you eat right and hit the gym, but still have stubborn pockets of fat that just won’t budge no matter what you do?



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laser hair removal
What you need to know about laser hair removal!

It’s Movember and while the men are growing mustaches for a good cause, perhaps you are thinking it’s time to get rid of yours. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of shaving your legs and underarms.   If you’re a guy, maybe it’s your hairy back or backside.  The freedom of enjoying smooth skin, free of stubble without the need to shave is something you will not regret… at least not if you choose the right treatment provider.  Having a basic understanding of how laser hair removal works and what to expect will save you money, time and possibly disappointment.

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New laser treatment for wrinkles!  

There's a new option for patients looking to smooth wrinkles. It's a laser that works something like an inside out face lift.There's a new option for patients looking to smooth wrinkles. It's a laser that works something like an inside out face lift.

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Why I froze the fat off my thighs!

Every woman has that thing, that one thing about her body that she wishes were just a little bit smaller, or tighter, or just, different.


Body contouring treatmentThe season of little black dresses and winter vacations is quickly approaching.  Will a stubborn pocket of fat be affecting your wardrobe choices?  Sometimes diet and exercise just isn’t enough!





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As we age, we develop wrinkles and uneven skintones, our skin loses its strength and luster and our pores enlarge.  All of these factors affect our appearance, but did you know, that we also lose fat volume in our faces? 

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Cutting through the “Hype” and the “Hoopla!”

We all know we can’t believe everything we read on the internet; nor should we trust everything we see on TV. Many treatments exist that claim to tighten skin, but with so much “hype” and “hoopla” about every new treatment that enters the scene, how do we know what to believe? The truth is found in science and clinical evidence.

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When Skinpossible opened in 2009 it only had one treatment room. In 2011 it expanded to three treatment rooms. Now the little clinic in the country has outgrown its space again. Skinpossible will soon be relocating to a glamorous new facility within the city of Calgary. The new location, which will open in the late fall, will have eight treatment rooms. That’s remarkable! How did this happen?

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As featured on Cosmetic Rejuvenation fall 2014 magazine Ultherapy is the only FDA approved treatment proven to lift and tight skin on the face and body, and Skinpossible Laser & Light solutions is the #1 Ultherapy clinic in Canada. 

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With the recent surge in popularity of tattoos and the advancements in tattoo artistry, more and more people are opting to get tattooed.  People get tattoos for many reasonssometimes after much thought and planning, at other times on the spur-of-the-moment.  The expectation for most is that

they will love their tattoo and that they will love it forever.  Unfortunately, that is not always the case.
As the owner of a laser clinic that does a lot of laser tattoo removal I can tell you first hand that sometimes people end up hating their new tattoo from the moment it is completed.  I could tell you many stories of conversations I have had with people who are emotionally devastated when a tattoo does not turn out the way they envisioned it would.  Invariably they express shock and disappointment when they learn what is involved with getting rid of their unwanted ink. 

There is a common misconception that tattoos are just as easy to get off as they are to get on.  Laser tattoo removal has certainly evolved, but even with advancements in tattoo removal technology this is far from the truth.  My goal in writing this article is to educate and shed a little light on the realities of tattoo removal and what it really takes to erase a mistake.  

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What's better than coolsculpting? Dualsculpting of course... but what's even better than that?


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